How many different species are in Stellaxy?

A: There are 37 interactable species in the game right now, not including King Skiasalis as another species. You can learn more about each species on the Species page. Stellaxy alien species include: Djelv, Ourti, Blob, Silunyet, Ealamiun, Gangailes, Dllv, Daalv, Vilak, Ryz, Metaxani, Alaberek, Ghali, Trou-out, Eirini, Smokg, Enotita, Skia, King Skiasalis, Maeji, Ouitmer, Zhydox, Zmronya, Mekalia, Reptilia, Arkumbela, Dol'Orastam, Tohixatt, Demelak, Shadows, Golemus, Smoik, Nansaa, Xeliopathikos, Eaaaik .

How long has Stellaxy been in development?

Stellaxy was originally called "Space Game" with a joking running title of "Ecroso Space Program". Then was changed to "Poor Man's Sky" after hearing about No Man's Sky. The name "Stellaxy" was thought up when interest in the game being on Steam started.

How tall are each species?

If this is something you wish to know, I've made a quick reference chart.

 If you want exact info there is also an official spreadsheet with species Intelligence levels included.

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