Vilak: The Protectors

Home-world: Turing is a perfectly preserved planet with a massive underground network of tunnels that host all of the Vilak's cities. Instead of living in homes, they all live in pods to control a remote client that explores the universe so they can stay safe at home.

Ship: Their ship is capable of blinking to it's desired location in mere nanoseconds. The Vilak are technically not cyborgs, however they have a brain implant that allows them to interact with technology as one.

Missions: The Vilak often find champions that they give missions to in order to progress towards what they believe to be the Correct Universal Order.

Average Height: 196cm
Average Weight: 59kg
Species Intelligence Level: 13
Currency: Crypto-Quantum Proof of Calculations
Average Lifespan: 30 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Dimethyltryptamine, ATP, Glucose, Water
Lifestyle: #PodLife/Internet Enthusiast
Motivation: ???

Home Planet: Turing

Ship: Universal Specimen Busser

Vilak stay at home in vats while their digital clone controls a remote unit to explore and send back data.

Full Anatomy Vilakian

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