Silunyet: The Isolationists

Home-world: Hel is a protoplanet that is fully inhabited by these tall and quiet creatures. The rivers and lakes are made of molten rock, it's blaringly hot, and the Silunyetian children are playing ball mere yards away.

Ship: A repurposed old model ship, it's been modified to look like a supervillain space HQ. It has a powerful charge blast that is very helpful in Faction Battles!

Speech: They seem to communicate using various growls and hums, however no translator has ever been able to accurately represent what they are trying to say. 

Average Height: 346cm
Average Weight: 163kg
Species Intelligence Level: 13
Currency: Lashings
Average Lifespan: 280 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Water & Insects
Lifestyle: Couch Potato/Grocery Shopper/Parent
Motivation: Isolation and Reproduction

Home Planet: Hel

Ship: Death

A Silunyet can move their eyes independently, which can be either terrifying or comedic.

Full Anatomy Silunyetian

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