Ryz: The Fixer-Uppers

Home-world: Donk is a nightmare for human beings, the oceans are made of coolant, the ground is full of petrol and other toxins. The core is hollowed out a bit to make the gravitational pull weaker, allowing for better driving dynamics.

Ship: Their ship is their lifeblood, the Ryz love tricking their ships out and making new modifications up to sell to other Ryz. They are particularly fond of under-glow and fake ventilation.

Mechanics: Ryz love to help others, and will always lend a hand to work on your broken down ship. You can always trust a Ryz Ship Mechanic!

Average Height: 185cm
Average Weight: 125kg
Species Intelligence Level: 11
Currency: Bartering
Average Lifespan: 74 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Petrol
Lifestyle: Mechanic/Tinkerer
Motivation: Loud flashy ships

Home Planet: Donk

Ship: Ackerd

When a Ryz carries too much weight their metalic skin crinkles up and their under eyes begin flashing to alert others of injury.

Full Anatomy Ryz

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