Ourti: The Greediest Species

Home-world: Things on Octopopoulos can get hectic between the hustle and bustle of the city life and the gigantic billboards around town beating your eyes to a pulp. The skyscrapers are wondrously tall, and the food is absolutely awful, but if there's a product idea out there, there's an Ourti trying to sell it.

Ship: Every year there is a new 'Ship of the Year' and this year it's the 'Space Traveller 5012'. Being the current model year, it's loaded to the brim with the latest features and technology such as automatic ejection! Also one of the fastest and largest ships among any other species, there are sure to be turning heads.

Average Height: 206cm
Average Weight: 61kg
Species Intelligence Level: 11
Currency: Payme Square Card Payment System
Average Lifespan: 88 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Fish
Lifestyle: Merchant/Advertiser/Hustler
Motivation: Become widely known and have a brand or business.

Home Planet: Octopopoulos

Ship: Space Traveller 5012

Surprised Ourti have bulging eyes. An Ourti's mouth is a 4-way beak that can open to the size of their stomach.

Full Sprite Ourti

Octopopoulos In-Game (Ultra Preset) 

Octopopoulos Surface

Octopopoulos City

Ourtiia Script

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