Enotita: The hive mind

Home-world: Planikus was a life-rich landscape full of countless resources, and like all parasites the Enotita ate everything they could get a hold of. Now they wander the universe looking for host planets to infest and then colonize into a breeding ground.

Ship: Beams are made of the only materials Enotita don't eat: Wood.

Speech: Enotita can communicate via pheromones that they can excrete from their skin, and developed a gesture based language for longer distance communication. It is not known how their Queen communicates to them directly, but theorized to be a form of telepathy.

Enemy: Enotita are by default hostile to anyone they come across outside of their species, their Queen is isolated and never seen.

Average Height: 163cm
Average Weight: 86kg
Species Intelligence Level: 12
Currency: None
Average Lifespan: 31 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Silica, Nitrogen, Phosphor
Lifestyle: Parasite
Motivation: Consumption and Infestation

Home Planet: Planikus

Ship: Beam

Enotita have strong jaws that allow them to crush metals and rocks.

Full Anatomy Enotita

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