Ealamiun: The Big Brother

Home-world: They do not have a home planet. They reside in Palaces scattered around the Universe.

Ship: The Secure Transport Unit is a bizarre and unknown ship. It is advanced beyond anything else in the Universe.

Their Mission Statement: To prevent emerging species from interfering in the greater plots and plans of the Ealamiun, and maintaining endangered species. Drone Sentinels are sent around to monitor species activity, however interference is restricted to extinction level events.

Average Height: 285cm
Average Weight: 118kg
Species Intelligence Level: 15
Currency: Credits
Average Lifespan: 1,250 Earth Years
Primary Diet: ATP, Glucose, Life
Lifestyle: Security Guard/Glorified Camera
Motivation: Control Populations

Home Planet: N/A

Ship: Secure Transport Unit

Ealamiun can inflate their eye's surface area in order to take in more light data and observe the situation clearer.

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