Dllv: The Spoiled-Rich Species

Home-world: Eindari is a wonderful utopia planet full of plant life and beautiful landscapes. The Dllv came t this planet after enslaving the Djelv and making an agreement with the Dllv to sell their technology to them. After evolving on this planet, they lost their ability to change their eye colour and gained slightly inflated skulls.

Ship: Manufactured by Djaallv United Ship Manufacturing Co. the Sekl Grand Premium Deluxe Edition is the most extravagant ship you can lifelong finance! Not only one of the smoothest ships on the market, making them very relaxing for passengers, but also comes with a driver! Coming to your house with the full delivery package! Optional Daalvan driver for an extra %10!

Average Height: 201cm
Average Weight: 80kg
Species Intelligence Level: 11
Currency: Rabbli
Lifespan: 146 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Buffet/Feast
Lifestyle: Golfer/Landlord/Politician
Motivation: Use Djelv to make more money and buy own planet.

Home Planet: Eindari

Ship: DUSM Sekl Grand Premium Deluxe Edition

Angry Dllvans' eyes change shape and their upper lip splits when they get angry.

Full Anatomy Dllvan

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