Djelv: The poorest Species

Home-world: Coming from the planet Sovyett, the Djelv are simple farmers. They do not know much beyond their fields, and often never leave their home planet or even their home town! 

Ship: Manufactured by Djaallv United Ship Manufacturing Co. the Sekl is the most average ship you can lifelong finance! Not only one of the slowest ships on the market, making them very safe for non-flyers, but also one of the cheapest! Coming to your home town with only minor cosmetic damage! Manufactured just outside of the historic town of Haenko!

Average Height: 193cm
Average Weight: 66kg
Species Intelligence Level: 11
Currency: Vladle/Staloin
Average Lifespan: 54 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Fruits & Berries
Lifestyle: Serf/Indentured Servant
Motivation: Obtain as much 'Shiny Stone' as possible to become rich

Home Planet: Sovyett

Ship: DUSM Sekl

Angry Djelvians are able to focus their eyes on the same object.

Full Sprite Djelvian

Sovyett In-Game (Ultra Preset)

Sovyett Surface

Sovyett Town

Djelvian Script