Daalv: The Lucky Species

Home-world: Not nearly as lush as Eindari, but much more luxurious than Sovyett, there are many types of fruit and spices and herbs to use. The Daalv got their planet by selling out the rebellious leaders of the Djelvian Revolution, as a result they are highly spiritual and believe they can out balance their karma by following a set of rituals including always wearing their unisuit.

Ship: Manufactured by Djaallv United Ship Manufacturing Co. the Sekl Premium is the most average ship you can lifelong finance! Not very cheap, but also in brand new condition! Coming to your home town with your choice of cupholder! 

Average Height: 193cm
Average Weight: 75kg
Species Intelligence Level: 11
Currency: Layir
Average Lifespan: 85 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Meat & Sandwiches
Lifestyle: Nomad/Priest/Entrepreneur
Motivation: Live with survivor's guilt

Home Planet: Sadaria

Ship: DUSM Sekl Premium

Daalvans blink with an inner eyelid rather than an outer one, allowing them to see changes in light with their eyes closed.

Full Anatomy Daalvan

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