Blob: The Faithful Species

Home-world: It's called Blob. Just like them. Everything is that way for the Bleblians. They hand crafted their planet's terrain in order to make it look like a giant blob, in order to make it look more like their God, which is in their image.

Ship: Bleblian Lightyear Operations Bringer  or B.L.O.B. is the smallest ship in the entire Universe, and can normally only be accessed by Bleblians as a safety feature. 

Religion: As the main focus of this species, a Blob will spend their entire life pursuing their higher purpose. This is why Bleblian technology is some of the best around, because they don't care about the invention, they care what it means for their religion.

Average Height: 99cm
Average Weight: 41kg
Species Intelligence Level: 13
Currency: IOU slips
Average Lifespan: 930 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Various Metals and Minerals
Lifestyle: Priest/Scribe/Philosopher
Motivation: Prove Existence of Diety

Home Planet: Blob

Ship: Bleblian Lightyear Operations Bringer (B.L.O.B.)

Blob mid-sentence

They do not stop talking. Blobs have 6 eyes, but typically show 2 in order to comfort binoculars.

Full Anatomy Blob

Blob In-Game (Ultra Preset)

Blob Surface

Blob Town

Bleblian Script

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