Alaberek: The Math Club

Home-world: Phibonacia is hand crafted to have an exact weight and proportion to where the planet can have it's unique look and be "balanced perfectly", everything there is untouchable as it might offset something. 

Maths: The Alaberek are obsessed with mathematical perfection, from their language's structure to the way they go about life daily. This obsession has lead to a lack of artistic capabilities, and thus a lack of intergalactic interest in their products from being "ugly". Their bodies have been molded to the shape they are through forced evolution.

Average Height: 142cm
Average Weight: 47kg
Species Intelligence Level: 12
Currency: None
Average Lifespan: Unknown
Primary Diet: Beta Decay (Radiation)
Lifestyle: Mathematician
Motivation: Maths Perfection

Home Planet: Phibonacia

Ship: Platonikus

Alaberek do not change shape as it would be imperfect to do so, however when they die their eyes darken.

Full Anatomy Alaberek

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